Option Trading Strategies

NSE Central brings you information on profitable NIFTY Index Options Trading Strategies on the NSE-India exchange. The strategies are computed and published at the end of every trading day.

Data for options expiring in the current month and two subsequent months are computed and published.

Though NSE Central list various strategies, the site will not recommend any specific picks. Users can select a winning strategy after doing a thorough analysis of the market trends. Have a sense of market direction before you pick a strategy.

Why use spread strategies ?

Bulls and Bears take turns to create turbulence in the market. One can profit in the trending market by choosing an appropriate strategy. Along with the clear direction of market trend (bullish/bearish or range bound), one must use the market volatility data, both historic and implied, as well as Open Interest information to pick a credit or debit strategy

One can also predict where the market WILL NOT reach by expiry date and bet on an OTM position, say you choose a Bull Put Strategy with Break Even Point well below the Strong Support of NITY and you are sure NIFTY will not breach the support level by expiry, and make some easy money every month

At the end of each trading day, various strategies are computed for various combinations of Strike/Premiums. Use the filters in table columns to narrow down your selection. The Risk-Reward Chart will help you visually see the strategy risk reward, break even points and the current level of NIFTY. Finally, spread strategies will help you limit the losses incase the market moves against your directional call.

Use STRATEGY SELECTOR to narrow down on the right strategy